Miocene World
The world when Dominican amber was still sap.


Amber is mined in two areas of the Dominican Republic. The first group of mines are located in the mountains north of the city of Santiago. The second group of mines in the area surrounding the town of El Valle, is northeast of the capital of Santo Domingo.
Nasutiform termite
Nasutiform termite (Dominican Republic)

Dominican amber was formed from an extincted species of the genus Hymenaea . Science has determined that this Dominican amber tree is more closely related to a living species found in Africa, ( H. verrucosa ) than any found in the Americas. A variety of organisms have been discovered "trapped" in this amber. Inferences of the composition of the amber forest can be made based on these inclusions. An organism occupies a specific niche in the environment. If an amber insect has living relatives that exclusively feeds on a certain genus of tree, the assumption is that the extinct species also fed upon this genus.

Mosquito (Dominican Republic)

I travel to the Dominican Republic to select amber. I go through each piece and choose only those with complete inclusions. The inclusions are identified and come with a certificate.
mating flies
Mating minute black scavenger flies (Dominican Republic)

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If there are specific specimens you seek, please send your wish list. If you're looking for amber without inclusions, let me know. I'll see what I can do. Contact me for additional information.

Moth with eggs (Dominican Republic)

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